But sometimes it feels like no one is even paying attention. 

Your emails have a low open-rate, you barely get replies, your posts are seen... but rarely commented on. You have over a hundred people who creep your stories... but it doesn't feel like your message is actually resonating. 

Or maybe, your latest launch isn't selling out like you hoped it would or your podcast isn't hitting nearly as many listens as you had anticipated.

It's not that your story isn't strong... there's just something that feels like it's missing.

This is for you if: 

✓   Being authentic is important to you, but you’re struggling to find the balance between connecting with your audience and honouring your boundaries. 

✓   You know that storytelling could be your most powerful marketing tool, and you are searching for the structure to begin

✓   You want to be able to apply the elements of storytelling to your social media posts, your videos, and your marketing campaigns but you don’t know how to connect it all

And most of all... 

You’re holding back because deep down, you’re scared of what people might think

It’s early morning and you’re still in bed, scrolling mindlessly through your feed when your thumb pauses, resting on a post from one of your favourite creators. 


You intentionally scroll a little further down.


Your eyes are drawn to the caption, and you read it in its entirety, taking a moment to let the words sink in.


You let out a breath you didn’t even realize you were holding. 

Your thumb swipes back up to the image and you feel the words stir something in your chest. There’s something about that entire post that takes you back: to the version of yourself you once were, a moment in time from that trip so many summers ago, or the friend you forgot about from grade school.  

You keep scrolling through, but that moment lingers in your mind as you go about your day. A few days later, you’re ready to content plan for your brand, and you dive into your usual templates.

You know, the ones that tell you to "Add value", "share a tip here", "insert testimonial here."  

You think about that post that stuck with you the other day for a moment. 

“What if…”

The thought of sharing something more meaningful barely has a fighting chance before you’ve already shut it down. Not right now. Maybe next time, you think. People may not see what I see, that family friend still follows my page, and the things I want to share are probably a little too much for the internet.  

So you go back to the same old. 

Someday, I’ll be brave enoughJust not today.

Isn’t it about time you found a way to share the stories within you, while still honouring the boundaries of your experiences?


What would it mean for you to be the representation you always wished to see, and to be able to inspire all the younger versions of you?


What would it feel like to be able to share without overthinking and second-guessing your truth? 


What would that create space for?


The program that unpacks the storyteller in you.

Over the course of this program, you will learn how to unearth the stories that you need to share — all within your boundaries — and learn the tools and techniques to share them in a way that captivates the attention of your audience, and leaves long-lasting impact. 


Your Voice

So whether you are speaking to live audiences, or to your online community, you can share with confidence.

Your Words

So that every caption, email and sales page is written for clarity AND conversion.

Your Visuals

Because whether its IG reels, TikToks, photos, or videos, impactful visual content is the most efficient way to tell a story.


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I’m Jenny Jay, a 6-figure storyteller who’s been in the business of telling stories through visuals for the last five years. I know what it means to harness your truth and turn it into something powerful. I’ve contributed to multiple award-winning documentaries that have screened at dozens of film festivals, built an online community of 20 000+ people, across platforms, using the power of stories, and have helped hundreds of business owners learn how to effectively create through multiple mediums.