Building Community Online, One story at a time.

Do you ever post something online, only to get crickets when you put it out there? You know you have important things to share, but your community either isn’t paying attention or doesn’t quite exist yet.  

What if there was a way for you to build a strong community consistently, while being intentional about the content you post online?


Creating with purpose starts here.

For the:

Content Creator • Personal Brand • Influencer

Event Planner • Blogger • Course Creator

Small Business Owner •  Marketer


This 90-minute live workshop will give you the foundation AND tools you need to start building an engaged community right away, so you can:


✔️ Confidently sell your product or service to your audience

✔️ Develop brand awareness beyond just social media

✔️ Create an entire support system both online AND offline



You feel like you get crickets when you share online

Because you have always wanted to build a community online, but you don’t know where to start…

You’re craving a sense of connection with your audience

Because you HAVE built an online community but they are no longer engaging with you like they used to… 

You’re searching for a community that will also value your expertise…

Because you have so much to offer, but you struggle with showing up consistently and the idea of turning these followers into customers...

This is the workshop that you know you need.

What's included

My four-pillar framework

So you can sustainably build and grow your online presence

A multi-media strategy

So you can align your brand’s voice through intentional content creation. 

A clear strategy

So this becomes a habit that's EASY to maintain, in your day-to-day.

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$27 USD

You'll receive:

  • 👍🏿  Full access to the LIVE workshop
  • 👍🏽 The four-pillar framework to strong community building 
  • 👍🏻 Your fillable copy of the ‘One Story at a Time’ worksheet. 

  • 👍🏾 Live Q+A session during the workshop

  • 👍🏿 Full Replay available until March 22nd, 2021

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Meet your instructor
Photo of Jenny Jay in an orange sweater, looking right into the camera.

Storyteller. Creator. Educator.

I’m Jenny Jay, a 6-figure storyteller who’s been in the business of teaching & helping people how to tell stories with a multi-media approach for the last six years. I know what it means to harness your truth and turn it into something powerful. I’ve contributed to multiple award-winning documentaries, built an online community over multiple platforms of 20 000+ people using the power of stories, and have helped hundreds of business owners learn how to effectively create community through multiple mediums.

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